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About Majestic Oil Pakistan

Welcome to Majestic Oil Pakistan, your trusted partner in lubricants and solutions for the industrial sector. As an authorized distributor of Oil Industries Pakistan Limited for Target Brand, we take pride in delivering top-notch lubricants to meet the diverse needs of businesses across Pakistan.

Automotive Lubricants

Enhance your vehicle’s performance with our Automotive Lubricants. Formulated for peak efficiency, they ensure smooth operations, reduce wear, and extend your engine’s life. Drive with confidence and reliability.

Industrial Lubricants

Elevate industrial machinery efficiency with our high-performance Industrial Lubricants. Tailored for diverse applications, these oils ensure optimal performance, minimize wear, and enhance equipment longevity for reliable operations.

Transformer Oils

Ensure transformer longevity with our specialized Transformer Oils. Formulated for superior insulation and cooling, these oils safeguard against wear and ensure efficient electrical performance for prolonged equipment life.

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